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  • Richard Ashcroft
    Acoustic Hymns Vol. 1

    released October 29th

    Turquoise Vinyl (Limited Edition)

    Yellow Vinyl + flexi disc of Bring on the Lucie (FREDA PEEPLE) (Limited Edition)

    Gold Vinyl (Limited Edition)

    Black Vinyl

    Cassette (Store Exclusive)




    1. Bittersweet Symphony

    2. A Song For The Lovers

    3. Sonnet

    4. C’mon People (We’re Making It Now) (featuring Liam Gallagher)

    5. Weeping Willow

    6. Lucky Man

    7. This Thing Called Life

    8. Space & Time

    9. Velvet Morning

    10. Break The Night With Colour

    11. One Day

    12. The Drugs Don’t Work

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